02.23.17 | And my pick is…

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last blog post.  I thought I’d start off my first post of 2017 reflecting on my favorite project from last year.

It’s hard to choose–but I’d have to go with my Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Collection.   When my friend Anna pitched this idea to me I knew I had to get every plane ticket detail right!  And…I love a good challenge!

Those that knew Rebecca well may have picked up on some hidden meanings on the front of the board pass.  I used Gate C1 and Seat 1C, because this was their first child and their last initial is ‘C.’  Rebecca was due on September 25th…therefore I chose a flight time of 925.  Perhaps I am the only one who made the connection–being the designer and all–but it was fun regardless!

This collection included a boarding pass invitation (front + back), place cards and a thank you card design.


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Baby Shower {Front}


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Baby Shower  {Back}




Vintage Airplane Place Card | Baby Shower


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Thank You Card


08.18.15 | Baby Shower + Gender Reveal

I recently traveled back to St. Louis for my sister’s baby shower. Although the bee theme is common for baby showers, it had an even greater connection for my sister.  You see, she attended St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA…home of the Fighting Bees.  Therefore we took the theme and ran with it!

Anyways, she’s pregnant with identical twins and wanted a cute, non-cheesy way to share the gender with her guests.  We’ve all seen the colored cake, balloons in a box, and more…but none of these are quite my sister’s style.

So…instead we decided on the scratch-off idea! In order to ‘package them’ creatively, I found small paper bags at Michael’s {they are more like envelope pockets}.  I then added a ribbon and bee envelope seal to the outside, before inserting the gender reveal scratch off card and a penny inside!

I love the way they turned out and they were such a hit at the shower.


Gender reveal card | Business card sized


Front + back view


The scratch off stickers worked!

Each envelope included a gender reveal card + penny

Storage + display for the baby shower

Oh and I tried my best to follow the DIY scratch off paint instructions I found on Pinterest.  I quickly gave up and instead found scratch off stickers on eBay.  Total time saver and worth the price!