05.19.14 | Pinterest-ing Day: Burlap Wreath

I’ve been wanting to make a burlap wreath for quite some time–and today was the day!  After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies, the project began and within 30 minutes it was finished + on display!

2 rolls burlap (I chose grey/cream chevron) | $9.99 regular–on sale for $4.99 each
16″ metal wreath frame | $2.99–only $1.79 with my 40% off coupon
Burlap cream flower (wedding department) | $2.49
Ribbon for hanging | $2.99 regular–on sale for $1.49
My finished wreath before adding the fun stuff.
  • I read this tutorial before starting–I was a bit confused about how to attach the burlap, but once I realized you just push it through each section + fluff it took no time at all!
  • I would definitely wait for the burlap to go on sale before purchasing, if not you’ll spend $20 on that alone!
  • For those that do not have a Hobby Lobby close by…you’ll be happy to know that you can now order + shop online!
  • If you purchase a wreath larger than 16″ you WILL need more burlap.  Two rolls were EXACTLY enough for mine.
  • The flower I purchased came with a wire stem.  I simply slid it through two wire slats and wrapped the excess around the flower.  I didn’t want to hot glue it or make it too permanent, in case I want to change it for various seasons, holidays, etc.  It will be easy to remove and replace with another trinket whenever I need a change!
  • I have an upside down clear 3M hook on the back of my door.  This makes it easy to hang + provides a clean look from the front.
 Ta-Da!  The Final Product!

04.27.14 | Craftin’ with the Ladies

The Bachelorette festivities started off yesterday morning at MIYO Art Studio in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  Becky, the owner, put together a great project for us, tying it to the wedding by incorporating initials.  It was a fun, low-key + creative start to the day!