02.23.17 | And my pick is…

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last blog post.  I thought I’d start off my first post of 2017 reflecting on my favorite project from last year.

It’s hard to choose–but I’d have to go with my Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Collection.   When my friend Anna pitched this idea to me I knew I had to get every plane ticket detail right!  And…I love a good challenge!

Those that knew Rebecca well may have picked up on some hidden meanings on the front of the board pass.  I used Gate C1 and Seat 1C, because this was their first child and their last initial is ‘C.’  Rebecca was due on September 25th…therefore I chose a flight time of 925.  Perhaps I am the only one who made the connection–being the designer and all–but it was fun regardless!

This collection included a boarding pass invitation (front + back), place cards and a thank you card design.


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Baby Shower {Front}


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Baby Shower  {Back}




Vintage Airplane Place Card | Baby Shower


Vintage Airplane Ticket | Thank You Card


08.18.15 | Baby Shower + Gender Reveal

I recently traveled back to St. Louis for my sister’s baby shower. Although the bee theme is common for baby showers, it had an even greater connection for my sister.  You see, she attended St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA…home of the Fighting Bees.  Therefore we took the theme and ran with it!

Anyways, she’s pregnant with identical twins and wanted a cute, non-cheesy way to share the gender with her guests.  We’ve all seen the colored cake, balloons in a box, and more…but none of these are quite my sister’s style.

So…instead we decided on the scratch-off idea! In order to ‘package them’ creatively, I found small paper bags at Michael’s {they are more like envelope pockets}.  I then added a ribbon and bee envelope seal to the outside, before inserting the gender reveal scratch off card and a penny inside!

I love the way they turned out and they were such a hit at the shower.


Gender reveal card | Business card sized


Front + back view


The scratch off stickers worked!

Each envelope included a gender reveal card + penny

Storage + display for the baby shower

Oh and I tried my best to follow the DIY scratch off paint instructions I found on Pinterest.  I quickly gave up and instead found scratch off stickers on eBay.  Total time saver and worth the price!

06.13.14 | DIY Invitation Tips

I recently read an article from NoKnowsWedding.com listing tips for saving money with DIY invitations.  Here is my personal take, along with a few extra tips of my own!

{1}  “Save postage and extra paper costs by leaving out the inner envelope reply card and instead asking the guests to reply online or by phone.” — I could not agree more!  My husband + I created a GoogleDocs form which we linked from our wedding website, along with including the URL on our invitation.  Click here to view our RSVP form.

{2} “Avoid over-sized or bulky invitations.” — Agree again!  Postage just continues to increase and over-sized envelopes don’t help!

{3} “Skip separate reception cards.”  —  Yes! Front + back invitations are perfect or keep your guests informed through your wedding website.

{4} “Assemble your own invites.”  —  I agree to an extent, but if you can save time by having others do a little for you, why not take advantage {See my tip #7!}

{5}   “Hit up your local scrapbooking store.”  —  This is a good idea if you want fancy paper or perhaps a patterned paper to back your invitation.  However, if you’re just looking for something clean, classic, basic black + white…I recommend purchasing it in bulk from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc. with a 40% off coupon of course! {See my tip #7!}

My additional tips:

{6}  If you’re not comfortable creating print design…find a friend, someone on Etsy, or of course EVERYDAY INK to design + customize your creation for you.  This way you can get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.  Customized designs typically run you about $20 – $100 depending of what you’re looking for.  Everyday Ink even offers wedding packages so your entire wedding theme is consistent + connects through all your print.

{7}  Have your invitations, programs, RSVP cards, Save the Dates, etc. printed at Office Depot, Office Max or something similar.  This way you don’t have worry about purchasing ink or even paper for that matter.  You are able to take your flash drive/PDF to their copy center and have them printed.  You have the option of choosing from their selection of paper {some even have shimmer or shine!} or bringing your own.  They will even offer to cut everything for you for just a few extra bucks.  Total time saver!

{8}  If you do plan on having an outside source print your invitations always keep your eye out for deals!  Office Depot often has special offers + coupons for printing services.  One of my favorite smartphone apps for coupons + codes is GeoQpons.  It lists tons of stores, dining, auto services, etc. and shows you whatever deals are currently going on.  You then show it to the cashier at checkout and they scan it or enter the code, and VOILA you save money!

Costs for printing your own invitations:

  • For a 5×7 invitation and smaller 2×3 insert, both front + back, along with envelopes + postages — I paid around $175 for a guest list of 166, or around 90 invitations.
  • A friend of mine recently got married she had Office Depot print + cut everything for her.  She spent around $200 which included her Save the Dates, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, wedding programs AND silver paper from their copy center {which was, of course, an upgrade}.  Her wedding was also including about 150 guests + she used coupons every time she stopped in.

Final thoughts:

Weddings are SO expensive as is, so don’t hesitate to cut costs where you can!  What are all your guests going to do with your invitation after your wedding anyways?  Frame it in their front entry.  I think not.  It will likely end up in the garbage, unless you’re like me and you keep every invitation for inspiration.