For years I’ve been designing INK…from my personal classroom newsletters, to flyers + event invites for school-wide functions, to my own wedding invitations.  I’ve always had a knack for it.  A passion.

My friends + family have always been so complimentary and impressed by the work I do, but to me it’s just what I do.  Recently I’ve had more and more people telling me, you should really explore this more.  My husband has spread the word to those within his company and I’ve had more friends asking if I wouldn’t mind designing something for them–if it isn’t too much of a hassle!  Believe me, it’s not a hassle. It’s what I enjoy!

I love to sit with my computer and just play.  I’m a little font obsessed.  I can’t be happy with a final product until the font is EXACTLY what I envisioned.

I come from an education background {teaching 4th grade for 8 years} and have a Master’s in Technology.  I’ve spent many years working on website design for myself + my former school.  My other loves include: traveling, photography + live music!

After relocating to Wisconsin with my husband for his job, and leaving my teaching job back in Missouri I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and search for what’s next in my life.  So here I am…


{Everyday Moments. Special Occasions. Business Events.}

Everyday Ink Designs is a business where you can pitch exactly what you’re looking for and I will create it especially for you.   Perhaps you’re not tech savvy, don’t have the time or just want to show off ‘your’ craftiness to friends!  “The Ink” section features designs I’ve already created which you may choose from as well.

Everyday Ink prides itself on making a customized creation that suits your needs, fits your personality and is within your budget.

**All designs are shared in a PDF format (or JPEG if requested) You have the rights to print + distribute to your friends, family, business partners, clients etc. for your upcoming events, parties, life moments, work functions + more!


You may select from the designs I’ve already created in “The Ink” section and I will customize the wording + colors to suit your needs.  Also, I am more than happy to remove/add borders, change fonts to more traditional or playful, adjust size, etc.  I want to provide you with the exact INK you came in search of.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please contact me with your thoughts, ideas + desires.  Even submit a photo of what you like and I will put my skills and creativity to work for you.  I love the challenge of making something new!

Within 48 hours (usually sooner) you will be emailed a proof of your design.  You then respond either approving the proof or requesting a revision.  Once everything has been approved by you I will email you the finished file + your INK will be ready to print.

Print your INK from your home computer on photo paper or cardstock.  If you prefer take your PDF files to a printer like FedEx, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc. to be printed on cardstock.  Take your JPEG file to a photo lab like Costco, Walgreens, Target, etc. to be printed on photo paper.  I also offer to upload your design to Vistaprint–these orders will ship directly to your home and the cost will be included in your final payment.


DISCLAIMER: This item is not a licensed product.  All character images used are NOT being sold.  They are free.  What you are paying for is the time I spend designing + personalizing your INK.  The images are permitted for PERSONAL USE.  I am not selling or claiming the ownership over any clip art or graphics, as they belong to their respective copyright holders.


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