04.06.14 | Hello World…

Well hello everyone!

Welcome to Everyday Ink + thanks for stopping by.

As I sit here this evening…rather exhausted from a busy, fun day…I have a lot to be thankful for.  You see, my husband and I relocated for his job about a year and a half ago.  This meant I left my teaching career, family + friends to take on the role of a supportive wife {not that I wasn’t prior}, because I knew he was capable of great things.

Throughout the transition, I’ve had up + downs as I wondered what was next for me.  I never saw myself as the person that didn’t know what direction they were headed–that didn’t know what their future held–that didn’t know what they wanted to be when they “grew up.”  Since I was in first grade I wanted to be a teacher + that was it.  But now this new adventure {along with the years of stress from teaching} gave me an opportunity to make a new start…branch out…try something different.

Over the past 19 months, we’ve settled in and made some good friends–thanks to introductions from my old college friend, Christi, who happens to live on our new city.  Today I actually spent the day celebrating with her–while all the Bridesmaids + myself threw her the best Bridal Brunch ever.  {Yes, I’m a little biased.}  I’ve helped Christi with her wedding planning quite a bit–partially because of all my ‘free time.’  Besides taking her engagement pictures and helping with her decor, I’ve designed her wedding invitations, RSVPs, programs, bridal shower invite, bachelorette invites, etc.  If you check them out in “The Ink” section, I’m sure you’ll notice she LOVES chevron…as do I.  Anyways, the experience of helping her through this fun time in her life, along with the nudging of many others leads me to you today.

Thank you to all of you that have provided feedback + supported me…especially my husband, who sometimes believes in me more than I believe in myself.

Here’s to my next adventure with Everyday Ink.

Please take a look around…and check back for new designs often!

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